Services - Hotel Mariss Alba Iulia

We offer you a wide range of accommodation services. The hotel has 7 double rooms, 7 twin rooms, 6 single rooms, 1 apartment and a family room, each with air conditioning, toilet, wifi, minibar. The restaurant has a capacity of 80 persons suitable for business events or cocktails. Parking is available and free of charge.

The rooms are custom made to provide hospitality at a convenient price.

Single Room - 36 €/night, breakfast included;
Twin Room - 43 €/night, breakfast included;
Double Room - 43 €/night, breakfast included;
Apartment - 65 €/night, breakfast included; Family Room - 52 €/night, breakfast included.

We strongly believe that the facts are more eloquent. Therefore, we invite you to convince yourself that we are the best choice for you.